The losers

2003 Legislative Session Closes

April 08, 2003

Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.: Shortest honeymoon in Maryland history? Missteps, ill-timed remarks, sloppy staff work doom slots and other initiatives.

Lynn Y. Buhl: Environmental secretary nominee learns the hard way that Maryland is greener than Michigan.

Joe De Francis: Out $200,000-plus in campaign gifts and still can't get slots at his tracks. A crack shot when aiming at own foot, thought booze till 4 a.m. was a winner.

Ken Masters: Ehrlich's chief legislative officer can't pass any legislation. Some advisers want him out, but the boss is loyal.

Martin O'Malley: Mayor's hands-off approach on slots has lawmakers asking where's the leadership.

Thornton education formula: House balks at slots, Ehrlich balks at taxes. School kids caught in the middle.

Bill Rickman Jr.: Track executive loses bid for slots in Allegany County, frozen out at Ocean Downs.

CareFirst board: Scathing ruling by insurance commissioner strips what little credibility remained.

Transportation: Trust fund takes a big hit to balance budget. Potential 2006 issue has Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan salivating.

"Seat at the table": In January everybody had one at Ehrlich's place; by April, chairs were piling up on scrap heap.

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