Daily war briefing

War In Iraq

April 01, 2003

The battlefield

U.S.-led troops battled with Republican Guard units within 50 miles of Baghdad while fighting their way into Hindiyah. Army troops fought with Iraqis for a bridge across the Euphrates River. About three dozen Iraqis were killed and several dozen were captured.

Coalition air strikes continue to pound Baghdad, striking communications and command centers and Republican Guard positions.

U.S. Army troops killed seven Iraqi women and children at a checkpoint near Najaf when the Iraqis' van refused to stop. The U.S. military is investigating.

In northern Iraq, U.S. aircraft pounded Iraqi positions near Kalak while Kurdish forces continued to push Iraqis out of the oil-rich Kirkuk area.

British commandos were facing tough resistance from paramilitary forces in Basra.

Pentagon officials said coalition warplanes have dropped more than 8,000 precision-guided munitions since the war began, 3,000 of them in the past four days.

The international front

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warned that a drawn-out conflict would only spark stronger resistance from terror networks that have targeted the United States. "If there is one [Osama] bin Laden now, there will be 100 bin Ladens afterward," he said.

The home front

In a speech at a Coast Guard facility in Philadelphia, President Bush said the United States is continuing to protect the country even as the military wages war in Iraq.

Terror alert

Security nationwide remains at code orange, a high level.

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