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March 28, 2003|By Jay Boyar | Jay Boyar,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Do you have a complete set of salad bowls that all say "Cool Whip" on the side?

Has an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger "changed your life?"

Do you keep "a fly swatter on the front seat of your car so you can reach your kids in the back seat of your car?"

And, more to the point, are you itching to see Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie?

If so, you might be a redneck.

Non-rednecks are advised that Blue Collar Comedy Tour is an amiable, sometimes-amusing comedy-concert film. It stars the king of all rednecks, Jeff Foxworthy, and three of his down-homies.

You can think of this film as the backwoods response to The Original Kings of Comedy, which featured four African-American comedians in concert.

Although the comedy here is, to say the least, less edgy than that of The Original Kings, there are some solid laughs among the bathroom gags.

If Georgia's Foxworthy, in his crisp khaki shirt and trim black slacks, is the most polished of these Jethro jesters, Larry the Cable Guy is the least.

Clad in dungarees, a flannel shirt and a paint-spattered cap, this good ol' boy seems the most authentically countrified. His routine, which is highly scatological, also takes shots at his sister who, he says, is large like him. "You don't get a belly ring if you're big," he advises her. "You get onion rings."

Bill Engvall's gimmick is his conviction that stupid people ought to be required to carry signs that label them as such.

Ron White is a tall, clean-shaven lounge lizard, with a cigarette and a drink in hand, often discussing his home state. "If you come to Texas and kill somebody, we will kill you back," he warns. "That's our pol-i-cy."

You don't have to be a redneck to have a good time at this movie. But it just might help.

Jay Boyar writes for the Orlando Sentinel, a Tribune Publishing newspaper.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour

Starring Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy

Directed by C.B. Harding

Rated PG-13 (some crude and sex-related humor)

Released by Warner Bros.

Time 105 minutes

Sun Score * * 1/2

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