`Looks for Life' fund-raiser is to honor memory of Columbian Patrick Jameson

March 25, 2003|By Fay Lande

It will be a bittersweet party - bitter because it is a memorial for a boy who died needlessly last year, and sweet because people who loved him will be there, pulling together to help prevent deaths like his.

"My son committed suicide a year ago; his name was Patrick Jameson," said Patrick's mother, Marilyn Petersen. "The first anniversary of his death was coming up, and I was just really struggling and I thought, `I have to think of something positive to do,' and I thought since I owned a salon, I could do something like Cuts for Cancer."

"Looks for Life - In Memory of Patrick Jameson" will raise money for the Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center by offering haircuts, manicures, massages and makeovers from noon to 5 p.m. April 6 at LOOKS llc, Petersen's beauty salon in Kings Contrivance.

"The salon is right in the neighborhood where I live, and a lot of people knew my son," she said. "I think a lot of people are benefiting from this."

Michael's Pub and Clyde's have donated gift certificates and platters for clients to nosh on while they wait; Safeway is contributing sodas and bottled water, Petersen said.

"My son Steffan, [14,] will DJ outside, just to make a festive atmosphere," she said. "We're going to have a tent outside."

Cosmetic artists from Nordstrom's, including Petersen's daughter Briagh Jameson, 25, will do makeup. Her son Christian, 15, will be shampooing, something he does at Petersen's salon "just once a week," she said. "He's busy with sports, but he likes to have the extra spending money." Petersen's husband, Morten, will organize things from behind the desk.

Petersen's sister, Gail Ruppert, who lives in upstate New York, has donated stuffed toy bunnies from her store, called "Critters," for a raffle. Her brother-in-law, Michael Petersen, who sells jewelry, has donated a sterling-silver charm bracelet. John Hartge, a cousin, has offered one of his handmade wooden bowls. Clients have donated a homemade child's quilt, and tickets to Orioles games and the National Aquarium. Employee Jeremy Day contributed an original painting. Raffle tickets are $3, or two for $5.

"We're going to make it an annual event," Marilyn Petersen said. "We tried to do it close to my son's birthday. Patrick's birthday is April 2, and he would have been 22. He was a really good student in [Hammond] high school and captain of the wrestling team, and a real achiever."

She has two favorite photographs of him, both taken in 2001 at the family's vacation home near Lake Placid, N.Y. The first shows Patrick with his cousin, Natalie Ruppert, in an apartment above the garage that he had just renovated.

"It was a really happy time in his life," Petersen said. "He had a party, and we all went to his apartment to celebrate."

The second was taken at Christmas. "He was just really struggling [with depression] then, but it was our last Christmas together," his mother said.

Patrick's best friend, Jason Fink, will help at the fund-raiser. "He was with my son the night that he died," Petersen said. "We see a lot of him. It's kind of like my connection to my son to see the young people that were his friends. Everyone will have a special shirt on that will say, `Looks for Life.'"

The salon is at 10015 Old Columbia Road, Suite H-120.

Information: 410-381-9030.

Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center participates in the statewide Youth Crisis Hotline (800-422-0009), a 24-hour suicide-prevention program, and has a mobile crisis team.

Information: 410-531-6677.

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