Jin Hong Park

March 23, 2003|By Jason Song

Of all the reporters in Howard County, Jin Hong Park has perhaps the most specialized beat.

"All Korean, all the time," said Park, a reporter for the Korea Daily, a newspaper based in Seoul, South Korea.

Park is the paper's correspondent in the Baltimore region, which means he is responsible for covering most of the state. When a Korean person dies, gets married or arrested, Park has to write the story. "It's a big responsibility," he said.

Park, who grew up in Seoul, has worked at the Korea Daily for nearly four years. Working from an office in Ellicott City, Park writes two or three stories a day. "It's very hard work to try and keep track of all the Koreans here," he said.

The Korea Daily has bureaus in Los Angeles, Washington, New York and Chicago.

Park, who will only say he is in his mid-30s, studied education in Seoul. He said he became a reporter by "accident."

More than 30,000 Korean immigrants live in Maryland, according to the U.S. Census.

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