Hillel Baron

March 23, 2003|By Jason Song

THE LUBAVITCH Center for Jewish Education is Rabbi Hillel Baron's baby.

"We've grown up together," he said. As part of his first job in 1984, he founded the center, which is near the edge of Hickory Ridge.

Baron has overseen the center's evolution from a small storefront to the county's only Orthodox Jewish synagogue. "It's been a remarkable growth," he said.

Baron, 40, grew up in Baltimore but went to religious school in Montreal. He was ordained in 1984. After his ordination, Baron moved to Howard County to help found the center, which now includes a school, which typically has 35 young students a year, Baron said.

Some students have gone on to study Judaism in college and in Israel, Baron said. "People have become quite comfortable with our synagogue. It seems like our program is working."

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