Payam Sohrabi

March 23, 2003|By Jason Song

Payam Sohrabi likes to play soccer, video games, "you know, normal kid stuff," said the 13-year-old Owen Brown Middle School pupil.

But Sohrabi also has another interest: protesting the seemingly inevitable war in Iraq.

Sohrabi planned two protests last month that were canceled because of snow. He and about 50 other students considered protesting March 5, when students from several county schools walked out of class and demonstrated.

Sohrabi, who was born in Baltimore and whose family comes from Iran, and others decided not to protest that day because "we were just loosely organized."

But the eighth-graders and others are considering holding a demonstration the day after war breaks out, he said.

"It seems like [President] Bush could use the [war] money for education instead," said Sohrabi. "It's a good time to show that young people are paying attention to what's going on."

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