Minnich undergoes angioplasty, limits commissioner duty

March 21, 2003

Carroll Commissioner Dean L. Minnich will be on light duty for the next week while he recuperates from an angioplasty procedure, county officials said yesterday.

During a routine physical and stress test, Minnich's doctor detected arterial blockage and ordered a catheterization. Minnich, 60, said he had been experiencing fatigue but had no other telling symptoms.

Minnich underwent the procedure Monday at St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson. Surgeons corrected what was a 90 percent blockage with angioplasty and a wire-mesh stent in one artery. He returned home from the hospital Tuesday. He said yesterday that he is feeling fine.

The commissioner, who took office in December, said he has few restrictions other than to avoid stress. He is maintaining a limited office schedule, checking his mail and e-mail. But he will not attend meetings for about another week.

"I am getting daily briefings so that I can keep up with things," he said.

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