Suspect in killing charged yet again

Beane is reindicted after key witness is located, but she might recant

March 19, 2003|By Allison Klein | Allison Klein,SUN STAFF

The Baltimore state's attorney's office is trying for a third time to prosecute a teen-ager once called the city's "most wanted fugitive" on first-degree murder charges, even though the key witness against him said she will recant her testimony.

Tyrone Beane, 18, was reindicted yesterday on charges of killing a man last year in East Baltimore.

The same charges against him were dropped this month because his sister - the prosecution's only witness to identify him as the killer - could not be found.

Tyiashia Beane, 19, was located by authorities Sunday and has been held in jail as a material witness.

She told her lawyer, Warren A. Brown, that police coerced her into saying her brother was the gunman, Brown said.

"She's going to say, `I said those things to relieve the pressure on me,'" Brown said. "There would be no reason to implicate her brother in a murder but for the pressure from the Police Department."

Authorities had been looking for Tyiashia Beane since January, when a material-witness warrant was issued for her because she did not show up to testify at her brother's trial. This month, prosecutors dropped charges against her brother when they could not locate her for a rescheduled trial.

Brown said Tyiashia Beane was expected to be released last night on $10,000 bail.

She told police her brother killed Taharka McCoy, 25, after a robbery in January 2002, prosecutors said. Though she didn't see the killing, prosecutors said her brother confessed to her that he killed someone.

They also said she knew details that she would have known only if she was there or had talked to someone who was. For example, they said, she knew that the victim was shot with two guns from close range.

Brown said he wasn't sure where Tyiashia Beane would go after her release from jail. He said he told her she was not compelled to speak with authorities until the trial.

"She will testify at the trial," Brown said.

Assistant State's Attorney Gerard B. Volatile said yesterday that he believes Tyiashia Beane will not recant her testimony.

"She has never recanted," Volatile said. "She has never denied making the statements she made to police."

Volatile said before he dropped charges against Tyrone Beane that authorities were looking for Tyiashia "left and right."

He said he was not surprised sheriff's deputies found her just days after he dropped the charges. "I figured once it was over, she'd pop right up," Volatile said.

Brown said his client was not hiding, but had not received notice of the trial dates.

Beane is expected to be arrested today on the murder charge. He is in jail and could receive up to 70 years in prison in a separate case. He was convicted in January of putting a gun to the head of a 15-year-old girl during a robbery.

Prosecutors said Beane had just used the gun to shoot a man in the genitals, but it apparently jammed when he tried to shoot the girl. He pulled the trigger four times, but the gun failed to fire, prosecutors said.

His sentencing in that case is scheduled for Friday before Circuit Judge John N. Prevas.

In another homicide case against Beane, he was accused of shooting Christopher Smith, 17, in July 2001. But investigators could not build a solid case against him and the charges were dropped.

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