March 19, 2003

Commission approves composting operation at Northern Landfill

The Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission approved yesterday a plan to conserve space at Northern Landfill on Route 140 by adding a composting operation and using the product as a daily landfill cover.

The process would compost sewage sludge to cover debris at the county's only landfill. A six-month pilot program showed that a combination of sewage sludge and yard waste - materials that were previously buried - is suitable as a daily cover. The county eventually plans to market excess compost.

The landfill receives about 5,000 tons of sludge annually from the county's wastewater treatment plants. Buried sludge occupies about 10,000 cubic yards of the landfill a year, space that could be reserved for debris if the sludge is composted, county officials said.

"We need to save space at the landfill and this program can do that," said Frank Schaeffer, deputy director of Carroll's Department of Public Works.

County officials expect the state, which monitored the pilot program, to soon issue a permit for the composting facility. The operation should not cost taxpayers because saved landfill space would offset labor costs, Schaeffer said.

Carroll man is selected church's national leader

The Church of the Brethren has chosen Stanley J. Noffsinger, a layman who has guided Brethren Service Center in New Windsor since 1999, as its new national leader.

Noffsinger, 48, begins a five-year term as general secretary and head of the Protestant denomination's ministry and administration in July. He plans to maintain Carroll County residency and an office in New Windsor, where he has supervised relief and disaster-response efforts around the world. He will divide his time between New Windsor and denomination headquarters in Elgin, Ill.

"Stan is stepping up to a broader responsibility," said Kathleen Campanella, spokeswoman for Brethren Service Center.

The center coordinates worldwide relief efforts through several organizations, such as Interchurch Medical Assistance and Lutheran World Services. IMA recently received a $25 million grant for a mission in the Congo.

The church has not named Noffsinger's successor in New Windsor.

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