Glover is not the usual star

March 17, 2003|By Ron Dicker | Ron Dicker,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Crispin Glover never had more than four or five rats crawling on him during the shooting of Willard. That would be enough to freak out many actors, but Glover is not your usual co-star.

"I had all these emotional scenes," Glover says of the movie. "If I had to break the concentration and think about what was going on with the rats, it would have been very difficult to keep in those emotional states."

Glover, 38, accepts his reputation of being different. But he draws the line at psychotic - a hyped label that is "redundant," he says.

He refers to his "countercultural" allegiance, yet he seems surprisingly down to earth. And he can be tough, too. He is one of the few to take on Steven Spielberg, successfully suing the famed director for using an actor made up to look like him in a Back to the Future sequel.

Glover gained a following as Michael J. Fox's goofy dad in Back to the Future (1985) and Andy Warhol in The Doors (1991).

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