`Indiana Jones' game stays true to action-packed hero


March 13, 2003|By Jim Schaefer | Jim Schaefer,KNIGHT RIDDER/TRIBUNE

AND THEN — Indiana Jones is the man. He'll kick, scratch, punch, crawl on his belly, swing over pits and elude poison darts just to retrieve a little golden statue in an ancient tomb.

And then - and this is always the best part - he'll have to find a way back out, except now the whole darned place is crashing down and spikes are shoving up through the stone floor, and there's a giant boulder bearing down like a steamroller. Run, Indy!

I love this guy. I wish they'd make 10 more movies. That's unlikely, so at least there's a great new video game that does a fantastic job of re-creating that classic Indiana Jones anticipation, excitement and self-deprecating humor.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb ($50 and rated T for teens) for the Xbox (and soon for the PC and PlayStation 2) nails the true Indy Jones right down to the way he walks, fights and talks (with the voice of a very good Harrison Ford impersonator).

He's always been at his best with his fists, and to that the game pays great homage.

He has other weapons at his disposal, too: a machete, various guns and his infamous bullwhip. But a solid knuckle sandwich seems to take out evildoers most efficiently.

In this adventure, he travels to Asia in 1935, where he pursues a mysterious artifact called the Heart of the Dragon.

His foes, who also want the Dragon, are Nazis and members of the underworld.

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