Power Rankings

March 09, 2003


Team Milton Kent's comment

1. San Antonio (3) Duncan and Parker making Spurs a title contender.

2. Sacramento (1) Getting healthy at the right time.

3. Dallas (2) Can they hold off Spurs for best Midwest mark?

4. Minnesota (9) Garnett and Timberwolves are on a tear.

5. Detroit (4) Lakers, Wizards and Celtics are coming in.

6. Indiana (6) Huge game with Kings today.

7. Portland (7) Mailed it in during home loss to Sixers.

8. L.A. Lakers (8) Can they sustain torrid post-All-Star Game pace?

9. New Jersey (5) Starting to hear footsteps from Phila. and Boston.

10. Philadelphia (11) Brown for Coach of the Year

11. Utah (10) Taking Eastern swing this week at good time.

12. Boston (12) Home games with Spurs and Hornets provide test.

13. Phoenix (13) Hardaway returns for stretch run.

14. New Orleans (14) Davis set to come back this week.

15. Orlando (15) Giricek and Gooden solid complements to McGrady.

16. Milwaukee (16) Mason moves into pivot.

17. Washington (17) Stackhouse must score more with Jordan ailing.

18. Houston (18) Needed easy week with Clippers and Bulls visiting.

19. Golden State (19) Quietly sneaked in right behind Suns and Rockets.

20. Seattle (20) Who let the Sonics back in the playoff race?

21. New York (21) Not enough horses to catch Wizards or Bucks.

22. Atlanta (22) Abdur-Rahim, Robinson put up garbage numbers.

23. Toronto (27) Could have been 50-win team if things had gone well.

24. Miami (25) Jones' injury could slow Heat's roll.

25. Chicago (23) Getting more and more dysfunctional.

26. Memphis (26) Swift and Person picking up pace down the stretch.

27. L.A. Clippers (24) Gentry deserved better than getting fired now.

28. Denver (28) How long before the Broncos report for camp?

29. Cleveland (29) They say they're not tanking for LeBron.

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

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