To lick a bad cough, skip the bottled stuff and dip into the ice cream

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March 09, 2003|By JOE GRAEDON AND TERESA GRAEDON | JOE GRAEDON AND TERESA GRAEDON,Special to the Sun; King Features Syndicate

I went to my physician when I had a really bad cold with a cough and asked her what over-the-counter cough medicine I should buy.

She told me: "None! Get some vanilla ice cream and pour Kahlua over it."

Do you know what? That's the best cough medicine I have ever had. I've told my family and friends about it, and they all agree.

Your doctor's advice certainly sounds original. We have no doubt that ice cream, with or without Kahlua, tastes a lot better than cough medicine with dextromethorphan.

Ice cream has long been used to soothe a sore throat, and some people find it helpful in stopping hiccups. As far as we can tell, there are no scientific studies to support this remedy for coughs, but we're glad it works for you.

I am plagued with boils and have tried hot compresses to no avail. Doctors have lanced them, but they come back, sometimes several at a time. What causes boils, and what can I do to get rid of them or prevent them?

Dermatologists sometimes prescribe antibiotics to prevent a recurrence of these inflammatory skin lesions. What causes them remains a mystery, but people with diabetes or lowered immunity seem to be more susceptible.

We recently heard from someone who suffered repeat boils as you do. He reported taking the Indian spice turmeric at the first sign of redness and pain. He said consuming it in milk or on his vegetables clears the skin within a day or two.

Turmeric, found in curry powder and mustard, has anti-inflammatory properties. Its effects against arthritis and cancer are being studied. Antibacterial effects have been reported, which might be responsible if turmeric really does help prevent boils. If you try it, let us know how it works.

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