Balto. County schools consider changes to calendar to make up two snow days

March 05, 2003|By Jonathan D. Rockoff | Jonathan D. Rockoff,SUN STAFF

To make up for two snow days, Baltimore County school officials are probably going to add a day at the end of this school year and remove Easter Monday as one of the days off during spring break.

"We're leaning very heavily toward" that option, Douglas J. Neilson, a school system spokesman, said yesterday.

The school system had scheduled 187 school days this year, seven more than the state-mandated minimum. But the schools have used up all of those allotted snow days plus four more.

The Maryland State Department of Education is allowing school systems to waive two snow days, but that leaves the Baltimore County schools with two snow days to make up -- assuming there are no more snow days this winter.

School administrators could make a recommendation to Superintendent Joe A. Hairston on snow days as early as next week, Neilson said.

Other options school system administrators are considering include asking the state for additional waivers, Neilson said, or adding two days at the end of the school year, which would make the last day of school June 23, a Monday.

Another plan would be to take two days out of spring break, which is scheduled from April 14 to April 21, but Neilson said administrators didn't want to do that because families might be forced to reschedule vacation plans and reservations.

Neilson said administrators prefer to tack on a day to the end of the school year, which would mean the last day of school would be June 20, a Friday. And they would remove April 21, which is Easter Monday, from the days off for spring break. Other school systems are contemplating using professional development days to make up snow days, but Neilson said Baltimore County doesn't have any more of those days left.

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