Fearless in Maryland? Prove it!


March 05, 2003|By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan | Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan,SUN STAFF

In the 15 months Fear Factor has been on NBC, it's shown repeatedly why it's the very definition of "Must-See TV." After all, what other series has shown seemingly normal people climbing into a pit filled with boa constrictors, letting 50 tarantulas run freely on their heads or scarfing down anything from buffalo testicles to maggot-infested cheese?

For three seasons, Fear Factor contestants have tackled all sorts of creepy-crawlies to compete for a $50,000 prize. This afternoon, the show's producers are rolling into Gold's Gym in Falls Church, Va., in search of more willing subjects.

Casting producer Mikey Glazer stressed that "there's no eating worms" in the auditions. Instead, Glazer said he will be looking for strong personalities. "We either have to like you immediately and cheer for you, or hate you immediately and want you to fall, lose, throw up, whatever."

If you'd still like to impress them with your derring-do, however, here are some of the bravest things we think a Marylander could try:

1. Agree to be dunked in a tank every time Anna Nicole Smith gets a wrong answer on Celebrity Jeopardy.

2. Volunteer to do public relations for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

3. Vow to jump off the Bay Bridge if any Maryland legislator takes a payoff from gambling interests this year.

4. Sustain a conversation with Joe Millionaire's Evan Marriott for at least three minutes.

5. Lock yourself in a room with Saddam Hussein, with only a French diplomat to protect you.

6. Swim from the Maryland Science Center to the performance area between the two Harborplace Pavilions, eating anything you find in the water on the way.

7. Go to Mayor Martin O'Malley's next rock concert wearing an "Ireland is for Wimps" T-shirt.

8. Listen to an endless loop of Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why."

9. Go to a formalwear store on a Saturday and tell all the brides they're "lookin' a little chunky in that dress."

10. Buy Orioles playoff tickets.

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