March 02, 2003

Lacrosse not worthy of excessive coverage

I am perplexed by the excessive amount of coverage afforded college lacrosse by The Sun. Do you folks not realize that college lacrosse is only patronized by about a four-state area on the East Coast?

Most people west of Virginia don't even know it exists. Conversely, college baseball rarely receives mention in The Sun, and I have yet to see national-level college wrestling reporting, despite the frequent reporting on high school wrestling.

I would like to see The Sun look further than 50 miles out and join the rest of the nation in reporting on athletic events shared by all colleges, not just the one in Maryland and the immediate surrounding minor schools.

Mark Moore Fort Meade

Ravens must give ball to QB Redman

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome's roadblock at quarterback is quite a simple one.

Jeff Blake: Let him go; he is not worth the $2 million being offered. Kordell Stewart: Just say no. Chris Redman can be, given full opportunity, a very good, productive quarterback.

The Ravens aren't going to be in the playoffs this year, so give Chris the ball.

Roy Ruhe Columbia

Orioles' losing ways have side benefits

I am looking forward to the 2003 Orioles. See, it doesn't really matter that once again they've done nothing to really improve the team. Who cares?

I figure with all the money Peter Angelos saved by not signing free agents, he'll be selling hot dogs for a quarter! Fifty-cent beers and pit beef! I'm sure he'll want to share his savings with the loyal fans.

This "winning" thing is overrated, anyway. Now that the Orioles are consistently a fourth- place team, I'm in my comfort zone. I don't have to worry about things like high-blood pressure, because there won't be anything to get excited about.

I also get more sleep, which is very healthy. When I watch the Orioles on TV, I can count on them being down six runs by the third inning and can go to bed early. Staying up in the old days to watch those comeback wins was tough on the beauty sleep.

Thanks, Peter. You've done it again. Don't change a thing.

Jeffrey Mariner Phoenix

O's signings don't exactly inspire fear

General managers throughout the major leagues must be in hysterics with the Orioles' signings of Jeff Reboulet and B.J. Surhoff. This once-proud organization has sunk to the depth of mediocrity.

Since the Orioles are in need of a center fielder, why not sign Albie Pearson? And while they're at it, maybe they can persuade Bob Boyd to sign as a backup first baseman.

Melvin A. Mazer Baltimore

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