In a heavy snow situation, solution is 'duct and cover'


March 02, 2003|By Stephanie Shapiro

Now we know why we bought all that duct tape. Not for Code Orange, that's so yesterday. Not for Code Yellow, our current national alert level, either. It's for Code White. The snowstorms of '03 call for heavy-duty arts and crafts projects and home improvements that can only be accomplished with thick rolls of lovely silver duct tape. Here are a few suggestions.

* Duct-tape your kids together and see how long it takes them to pull themselves apart. (Could be considered both arts and crafts and home improvement.)

* Duct-tape sleds together for a long train ride.

* Duct-tape your front walk and driveway (before the next storm) and just yank the stuff up to remove the snow that gathers there.

* Use duct tape around the tops of your boots and collar to keep snow from getting in.

*.Duct-tape the refrigerator shut so you have to think twice about opening it.

* When people start whining that there's nothing to do, duct-tape your ears (or their mouths) shut.

* Cover your television with duct tape to prevent hearing news that will spark the next run on duct tape, milk, bread and dread.

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