Enough Already ...

February 27, 2003|By Written by Larry Bingham and Peter Jensen with contributions from the Sun features staff

of the words "snow advisory"

of the words "wintry mix"

of the words "school closing"

of SUV-envy

of my snowflake sweaters

of your snowflake sweaters

of watching Norm Lewis

of hearing Norm Lewis

of wondering who does Norm Lewis' hair

of neighbors who got a snow blower for Christmas

of searching for a lost glove

of gutters that clog

of gutters that give way

of gutters that someone forgot to clean

of you "working" at home and me making it to work

of basements that leak

of roofs that buckle

of heating bills yet to arrive

of telling your child not to eat yellow snow

of telling your child, "Spit out that yellow snow right now!"

of microwaved hot chocolate

of leftovers

of stocking up on milk and bread

of eating milk and bread

of eating everything else in sight

of dressing children in snow suits

of undressing children in snow suits 15 minutes later

of Mayor O'Malley's promise to "touch" my street

of how light that snow plow's touch turned out to be

of the words "Back to Norm Lewis"

of walking in the road

of slipping in the parking lot

of climbing over the snow mound

of the front hall looking like an overturned laundry basket

of salt on your car

of salt on your dog's paws

of salt tracked in the house

of backaches from shoveling

of the smell of Ben-Gay

of the smell of wet wool socks

of hat hair

of driving to work taking an extra hour

of driving home taking an extra hour

of windshield wipers that don't wipe

of defrosters that don't defrost

of guarding parking spaces with plastic chairs

of guarding parking spaces with end tables

of guarding parking spaces with stolen traffic cones

of complaining about people who guard parking spaces

Enough already of sniveling, whimpering and whining about the snow.

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