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February 27, 2003|By James Coates | James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

I use Windows XP Home, WordPerfect 10 and Outlook Express 6. I can't spell-check my e-mail. What should I do?

Three solutions come to mind, and all of them are going to take a tad of effort. First of all, Outlook Express does take its spell-checking from Microsoft Office, so PCs shipped with WordPerfect but neither Microsoft Works nor Microsoft Office don't arrive ready to spell-check e-mail.

The cheapest solution is to simply write your e-mail messages as WordPerfect documents, spell-check, then paste them into the Outlook Express e-mail form. You do this by using the Control + A command in WordPerfect to select the whole note, followed by Control + C to copy the text. Now open Outlook Express, start an e-mail and click inside the text area and press Control + V to paste the spell-checked material.

Second, a $25 program, Spell Magic from Alcoda Software, will create its own spell-checking engine on your computer and let all applications use it. Check Spell Magic at

Finally, you can drop Outlook Express and change to the Eudora e-mail program that competes - as best anybody can - against Microsoft Corp. Eudora can be had in a "sponsored" edition that includes spell-checking but requires the user to endure viewing paid advertising on each screen. An ad-free, unsponsored edition of Eudora is available for about $40.

Check for details on this software, which is more powerful than the Outlook Express included with Windows machines.

James Coates writes for the Chicago Tribune. He can be reached via e-mail at

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