Patience and passion in their cooking

Jamaicans take their time to create tasty dishes with the spice of romance

Jamaican way is passion, patience

Patience and passion in their cooking

February 26, 2003|By Stephen G. Henderson | Stephen G. Henderson,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

After spending a few days at the Grand Lido resort in Ocho Rios recently, I drove from Jamaica's north coast down to the capital city of Kingston.

The route I took was called Fern Gully, a narrow road that twisted up, up, ever upward through a forest of dense, emerald foliage. Distracted by this organic splendor, people were driving crazily, honking their horns as they swung wide around blind curves.

3 limes cut in half

3 whole chickens cut in half

6 gloves of garlic

2 teaspoons allspice


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