Perryville Middle pupils honored for essays

February 16, 2003

Prime Outlets at Perryville has announced that the winner of its Valentine's Day essay contest was Cloyd Kilmer, an eighth-grader at Perryville Middle School.

Here is his essay:

"Having a heart means loving, caring and kindness. Having a heart means to love and be loved. Having a physical heart has no connections to emotions. A heart is an emotional stove. The heart is how you love anyone special.

"A heart can be broken, but also can be repaired. People can show they have a heart by their actions. Having love is the best way to feel. The connection is a bond that can't be destroyed. Your body may be down, but your heart may not.

"You can die, but your companion will still love you. There are many ways of love and to love. You can love a person with a little bit of your heart, or with all of it.

"Love never stops going, no matter what. As your body grows, so does your capacity to love.

"Do you have a heart?"

The second-place winner in the contest was Joe Johnson. Krystal Lintz took third place.

Prime Outlets has been a business partner with Perryville Middle School for five years.

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