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February 02, 2003|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,Sun Staff

Smells like love

According to a new survey by Clinique, 72 percent of people right now are in love, and the majority of those respondents say they are with their soul mates.

Could this be true? Perhaps. Or maybe it's just that people in love are more likely to participate in surveys about the topic.

The survey of 9,000 women was conducted online at to celebrate the launch of the company's new fragrance for women, Happy Heart, which fortunately is for everyone, not just the lovestruck.

Happy Heart is a fresh, feminine scent with a whisper of mandarin, yellow primrose, water hyacinth and sandalwood. It costs $36.50 for 1.7 ounces and is available at department stores like Hecht's and Macy's.

Best defenses against dry skin

When the weather gets fierce, go gentle on your skin. Some tips from the experts at Dove on how to combat dry winter skin include:

* Resist taking too many long, hot showers, which can wash away skin's natural oils.

* Avoid using deodorant and antibacterial soaps, which can dry skin.

* Use a humidifier or vaporizer to add moisture into the air, and keep the thermostat low.

* And finally, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Dove soaps and lotions are available at drug, grocery and discount stores.

Months of engagement

While you were busy scarfing hot crab dip and singing Christmas carols some weeks back, thousands of people were getting engaged. More than 30 percent of the annual 2.4 million wedding proposals occur during the holiday season, according to Seattle-based online jewelry retailer Blue Nile.

Didn't get the rock you were hoping for this Christmas? Don't worry, there's still time. The company also reports that November through February is the most popular time of the year to get engaged.

Alas, the survey of 1,200 people also found that while men are more likely to buy jewelry than women, 45 percent of men do not research buying an engagement ring before they make the purchase. Blue Nile offers advice and encouragement to unsavvy jewelry buyers at, not to mention a wide array of engagement rings -- including pre-set ones that can be sent within two days. Hey, and shipping is free.

And if your spouse-to-be declines your generous offer, the company also has a 30-day return policy, no questions asked.

T-shirt boasts more than attitude

At first the black-and-white rocker T-shirt emblazoned with the logo "The Socialites" looks like any other hipster band shirt -- grungy, retro and full of attitude. Then the wearer walks by and you see the back, which states that the band's "Who's Your Daddy World Tour" stops in such jet-set hangouts as East Hampton, Bel Air and Palm Beach.

It's satirical, it's fashionable and it's $45 at

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