`Redefining Health' this weekend

January 31, 2003

Dr. Douglas G. Drewyer, an Ellicott City dentist, attended "Redefining Health: A Weekend for Body/Mind/Spirit" in 2001 with his wife and the staff of his Silver Spring office.

"I've never been such an excited learner since dental school," he said. "We came away ... with some practices that allowed us to come to our life a little bit differently."

The workshop, which will be offered again this weekend by the Tai Sophia Institute in North Laurel, is led by the school's co-founders, Dianne Connelly and Robert Duggan. More than 100 people are expected to attend, said Gail Doerr, director of communications for Tai Sophia, formerly the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia.

The school now offers graduate programs in botanical healing and applied healing arts as well as acupuncture. Its name was changed a few years ago to reflect its expanded mission. "`Tai' means great and `sophia' means wisdom," Doerr said.

"Redefining Health," a program open to the community, is based on the idea that "our life would be different if we really understood the interconnectedness of people. We would most likely behave differently," Doerr said. "From the philosophy, we move into 20 daily practices [that people can] use every day and observe how life changes."

One such practice is being less judgmental; another is "let your language be your needle," Doerr said. "We started working with acupuncturists [who] with their needles will create [positive] movement. And we realized that with our language, we can do the same things."

Sessions will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow and 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. Sunday. Participants can register at the door. The cost is $125.

Tai Sophia moved to its home on 12 acres in North Laurel in April. In addition to the school, which also offers community programs, the building houses student and faculty clinics for acupuncture and herbal consultations.

"I always considered it such a powerful, powerful place right there in our back yard," said Drewyer, who is enrolled in the institute's program in applied healing arts.

Tai Sophia Institute is at 7750 Montpelier Road. "Redefining Health" will be offered again June 21 and 22.

Information: 800-735-2968, Ext. 6611; or www.tai.edu.

Savage Historical Society changes meeting time

Instead of its regular meeting on the third Monday of the month, the Savage Historical Society will meet for a work session to catalog and organize donated historical items from 9 a.m. to noon and 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Feb. 22 at United Methodist Church of Savage, 9032 Baltimore St.

Anyone who would like to lend a hand is welcome. Participants should use the side entrance, off Foundry Street. Take a lunch.

Information: the Rev. Galen R. Menne 301-725-7630.

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