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January 30, 2003|By Kevin Washington

ErgoTouch mouse aims to soothe but fails to be handy

The RocketMouse ($40) by ErgoTouch doesn't look much like a regular computer mouse. Built more like an egg with a hole through the middle, the RocketMouse, according to ErgoTouch, has been built in such a way as to relieve wrist, arm and back pain associated with poor posture and carpal tunnel syndrome.

When you're typing, RocketMouse can hang from a small hook (included in an accessory pack) that attaches to a nearby wall or your monitor. Made for use by either hand, the mouse has a 5-foot cord, comes with a Universal Serial Bus connector or a PS/2 connector and is available in several colors. Users need not install drivers or programs to use it.

The cursor is controlled by a trackball on top of the device that a user can move with his thumb. Left and right mouse buttons are located just forward of the trackball with a trigger inside that acts as a left mouse button for the PC. The device can work with a Macintosh as well.

There were a few drawbacks to the RocketMouse. It isn't convenient to use if you're doing a lot of typing on the keyboard. The RocketMouse requires the user to unclasp it to return a hand to the keyboard, so the more typing you do, the less convenient the RocketMouse feels.

We also discovered that our RocketMouse didn't track well, with the cursor sometimes jerking about the screen.

Information: 877-925-6778 or www.rocketmouse.com.

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