Power Rankings

January 26, 2003

Team Milton Kent's comment

1. Sacramento (1) Get the Lakers at home Friday night.

2. Dallas (2) Bad time to get Port., Hou., and Minn. this week.

3. Indiana (4) Just one home loss all season.

4. New Jersey (3) Coming back to Atlantic pack?

5. Detroit (5) Big home-and-home with Celtics this week.

6. Portland (6) Doing fine without suspended Wallace.

7. Phoenix (7) Hitting the skids on the road.

8. San Antonio (8) Robinson's back is ailing again.

9. Houston (9) More All-Star starters than champion Lakers.

10. Utah (10) Have taken flight since Sloan lit into them.

11. New Orleans (11) Making run at East leaders.

12. Boston (12) Walker's sprained knee could be problem.

13. Minnesota (15) Getting stronger hold on eighth playoff spot.

14. Philadelphia (13) Big win at Detroit this week.

15. Orlando (16) No timetable for Hill's return.

16. Washington (14) Blew big chance at home while Stackhouse out.

17. Milwaukee (18) Making move up as Thomas nurses shoulder.

18. L.A. Lakers (17) Losing at home to Warriors is a no-no.

19. Golden State (19) Tough road week: Seattle, Utah and Phoenix.

20. Seattle (20) Nice win over Dallas, but Lakers still loom.

21. New York (25) Need a win this week at Miami or Memphis.

22. L.A. Clippers (23) Won in Utah for first time since 1989.

23. Chicago (21) Broke 19-game road losing streak.

24. Memphis (24) Won first from Spurs in 21 games.

25. Atlanta (22) Falling like a stone since firing Kruger.

26. Toronto (27) Will Carter yield All-Star spot to Jordan?

27. Miami (26) Winning at home but nowhere else.

28. Denver (28) Talking smack to Jordan in D.C.? Big mistake.

29. Cleveland (29) Firing Lucas? Bigger mistake.

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

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