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January 26, 2003|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,Special to the Sun

Who's tired of all these frigid temperatures and a little too much winter white? Raise your hands. So who among the local folks are getting out of it for a while? Read on.

Rhea Feikin, actress / MPT on-air personality: "I went on a Caribbean cruise. It was very warm and very relaxing and I felt like I was on a floating spa. It was very nice to be taken care of and have lots of attention lavished on you."

Tom Koch, Curtis Engine president: "My wife, Frances Reaves, and I are going to Machu Picchu to see the Incan ruins. It's summer in Peru, but I suspect it'll be cool, being at such a high altitude. Frances grew up in South America. She went there as a teen-ager, and it had such an impact on her life. She's always remembered it and wanted me to experience it."

Amy Elias, Profiles president: "I'm heading to the Four Seasons in Punta Mita, outside Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. It sounds like a fun place to go. A little bit of sun in February is always good."

Donna Richardson, Comcast government and public affairs manager: "I've been nowhere and don't have any plans. Right now, my thing is trying to save up money for my kid's college. She'll be going next fall. So, I will not be vacationing this year."

Kelly Lasky: "My husband [Millennium Lending Group CEO Mike Lasky] read this wonderful book, The Christmas Train by David Baldacci. He said he wanted to do the same train ride. He loved the idea of going on a train across country. So, here we are taking this train ride from Chicago to Los Angeles, and it was this nightmare from hell. The cabin was so small, Mike -- who's a big guy -- said he felt like he was in a coffin. That night I felt like I was on a roller coaster. We didn't get much sleep. I said to my husband, 'The next time you read a book and have a wonderful idea, ask me first -- and I'll say no.' I do have to tell you that the mountains in Colorado and the sunset in Albuquerque were gorgeous, but other than that. ... Once we got to L. A., it was wonderful."

Vic Carter, WJZ news anchor: "I've been away a lot this winter. I've been to Atlanta, where I went ice skating in Olympic Park. ... I anchored the New Year's Eve broadcast [of the Inner Harbor celebration], and 24 hours later, I was in a T-shirt and shorts on the beach in Long Beach, Calif. ... I just got back from Chicago yesterday. It was horrible. Just stepping out onto the corner of any Chicago street, the wind can knock you off your feet. So I don't recommend anyone go to that city in the winter. I came back to Baltimore and it wasn't much better."

Lesly Sajak: "I haven't gone anywhere. [Husband, Wheel of Fortune game-show host] Pat goes out to L.A. periodically for three days of taping and then he comes right back. It's a long distance to go for a short period of time, and I want to be here with the kids. So I don't go. I'm looking forward to the summer."

Paul Skotarczak and Bruce Perna, owners of Paul's of Woodholme Salon and Spa: "We're going on a cruise. I know we're going to be in San Juan, Puerto Rico and New Orleans -- and stopping at places like St. John's, St. Bart's and Key West in between. We went last year, and it was so much fun, so exciting. It was this little city moving on the water. It's wild. And the weather is so nice."

Sharon Nevins, amateur triathlete: "I went to Hawaii for the Ironman Triathlon. I went to cheer on two of my friends who were racing, and to train on the course. It was unbelievable. I've done spring and Olympic distances. This spring, I'll be doing the Half Ironman. For someone who's never done the Ironman distance, it inspires you to reach that goal. And to see the top pros in the world do it is incredible. It's like an amateur biker going to watch the Tour de France. It was a great winter getaway."

For the rest of us, if the main thing you're looking forward to is the Super Bowl tonight, you might want to take a short trip down to the Inner Harbor and the ESPN Zone. During halftime, the Zone will hold a drawing for a guitar that was played and autographed by Carlos Santana, who will be performing during those halftime festivities at the game. The drawing is only for those at the Baltimore ESPN Zone. And you've got to be there to win.

Johns Hopkins Preventive Cardiology Center

At "Heartfest 2003," there was so much going on in the Martin's West ballroom that it was tough figuring out what to concentrate on first.

You could stake out a seat at one of the many colorful tables, brightly decorated with stars, balloons and caricatures of the evening's honorees. Or you could stroll by all those other tables lining the room and sample the gourmet heart-healthy fare offered by more than 30 local restaurants and caterers. (What else would you expect at a fund-raiser for the Johns Hopkins Preventive Cardiology Center?)

And then there was singer Vicki Lawrence, the celebrity guest who regaled the crowd with tales of her days on The Carol Burnett Show before breaking into her 1973 hit "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia."

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