National Realtor PAC gave the most to federal candidates


January 26, 2003|By Trif Alatzas

Members of the national Realtors Political Action Committee raised $6 million over the past two years to support federal candidates, the lobbying group said this month.

The PAC, which is supported by the National Association of Realtors, contributed $3.9 million to federal candidates in 2001-2002. Those total contributions were the largest of any PAC in the country, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks federal donations to political candidates.

The PAC contributed money to 30 U.S. Senate candidates and 422 House candidates. The group said 53 percent of the contributions went to Republican candidates; 47 percent went to Democrats.

The association said one of the major concerns of its members was a federal proposal to allow banks to sell real estate. The Realtors' group has opposed the proposal, saying it would hurt consumers by driving away competition.

The association said 350,000 Realtors contributed to the PAC fund - about 44 percent of the group's national membership.

In Maryland, officials with the Maryland Realtor Political Action Committee raised $260,000 last year. About $78,000 went to the national committee to help with the federal donations, while the rest was used to support state and local candidates throughout Maryland.

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