What did she ever see in a guy who munches on ears?

January 21, 2003|By SUSAN REIMER

Mike Tyson and his wife, regularly identified as a doctor, are officially divorced and, if you are like me, you've always wondered why she married him in the first place.

After actress Robin Givens sat down with Barbara Walters and told a national television audience (with Mike sitting next to her like a whipped pup) that living with him was pure hell, there can be only one reason why any other woman would marry the guy - and it isn't because she was convinced she could reform him.

It's the money.

Most of which, apparently, Tyson spent, on things such as white tigers and 1,000 racing pigeons, before her lawyers could get to it. Except for the approximately $17 million his lawyers say she fished out of his pants pockets while he slept.

The lives of the rich and famous, not to mention their divorces, are endlessly fascinating, are they not?

From all accounts, the dissolution of his five-year marriage to Monica Turner, sister of Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, seems to have been amicable, especially when compared to his brief and turbulent relationship with Givens, who fled their marital home in fear for her life after Tyson started throwing furniture out the windows.

But, according to newspaper reports, Tyson isn't too liquid right now, being $18 million in debt, so he signed over the deed to the couple's $4.7 million, 61-room estate in Connecticut to Turner.

The estate has 38 bathrooms, an indoor pool, a movie theater and a nightclub and is presently on the market.

In the divorce petition, Turner said her husband was a profligate spender and adulterer, which is certainly a very civilized way to refer to a complete nut case like Tyson.

This is somebody who ran through more than $140 million in boxing purses and who bites his opponents, not only in the heat of battle, but at press conferences. And since being released from prison for the rape of a beauty queen, he is regularly accused of various degrees of sexual assault.

If it were anyone else, you might conclude the women were going after Tyson's deep pockets. But I'm guessing there are hat-check girls and cocktail waitresses all over Atlantic City and Las Vegas who let it go because they just didn't want to get into it with this lunatic.

Also according to court papers, Turner and her two children by Tyson and her child from a previous relationship live in a home in Bethesda and Tyson lives in Las Vegas, where keeping white tigers as pets is more common.

Apparently, Tyson has spent little time with his kids, which is a good thing considering he threatened to eat Lennox Lewis' children and to stomp on the heads of the children of the sports reporters who cover him.

But like I said, Mike Tyson is no surprise package, and the only mystery is why a medical professional would want to tap into that gene pool.

That - and who really needs 38 bathrooms?

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