Agriculture Notes

Agriculture Notes

January 19, 2003

Programs teach how to write plan for nutrient management

The University of Maryland Cooperative Extension and Maryland Department of Agriculture are piloting two training and certification programs next month for all farmers who would like to write their own nutrient management plan.

Each program will focus on a specific type of operation. Programs are:

Crop production using only commercial fertilizer, Feb. 20 at the Montgomery County Extension Office.

Crop production using manure or other organic nutrient courses with or without animals on site, Feb. 27 at the Carroll County Extension Office.

Participants will learn the basics of nutrient management planning by working through a model plan and receive materials to take home. At a later date, within four weeks, participants will attend smaller sessions at several locations where they will take a short certification exam based on the training material.

Farmers can then complete a plan based on their operation. They should take a current soil test and manure analysis on the second day of training. Information is available at the extension offices.

Applications for these pilot programs will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Deadline for registration is Jan. 31. The cost is $60 for the training, plus a $50 certification fee.

Information: 410-386-2760.

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