Commission asked to help deter state child, family care aid cut

January 15, 2003|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

The Carroll County Local Management Board, a multiagency system of care for children and families, asked the county commissioners yesterday to help deter cuts in state funding.

The board receives $1.6 million in state and federal funding and helps nearly 14,000 Carroll families in crisis.

It could lose $150,000 in administrative funds.

"We are asking for your support and willingness to approach the governor, so that all money we receive is seen as an efficient use of funds," said board administrator Mary Scholz.

Board member George Giese, director of Carroll County Department of Citizen Services, said the group works well together and spends sparingly.

"We have a structure set up for the church-based funding that the governor advocates," Giese said. "We have $150,000 at risk. But, maybe if the governor hears from you, he will even increase our funding."

The commission took no official stance on the request. But Commissioner Dean L. Minnich said, "How lucky we are to have this kind of commitment."

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