Stephen Haynes, 71, Redemptorist priest

January 08, 2003

Stephen Haynes, 71, Redemptorist priest

The Rev. Stephen Haynes, a Redemptorist priest who had earlier been a cashier at the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, died of a heart attack Friday at Our Lady of Fatima Church in East Baltimore, where he had served for nearly a decade. He was 71.

Born in Philadelphia, he was a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and worked for 29 years at the Evening Bulletin, his last year as the newspaper's head cashier.

Father Haynes' parents were Baptists, but he was baptized as an adult in the Lutheran faith and later became involved in healing services at an Episcopal church. Through his interest in spiritual healing, he was drawn to Roman Catholicism at St. Boniface Church, a Redemptorist parish in Philadelphia.

In 1980 he converted to Catholicism, and two years later entered the Redemptorist Order. He was ordained in 1988.

"What amazed me was the way he could adapt. Here he was, in his early 50s, with a bunch of 19-year-old kids," said the Rev. Francis Browne, prefect of students at the Redemptorist seminary in Suffield, Conn., where Father Haynes received his religious education.

Father Haynes moderated the Jolly Club, a parish group of senior citizens who meet at church in the 6400 block of E. Pratt St.

The Rev. Andrew Costello, a fellow Redemptorist, remembered Father Haynes' dry sense of humor. "He saw more than he told, and he never missed a trick. Steve always really worked on his sermons, like on a newspaper article. He liked to get the details right."

A funeral Mass was offered yesterday.

He is survived by a brother, David Haynes of Philadelphia, and nephews and nieces.

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