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January 07, 2003

Hoping to keep Fox at bay, CNN drops seven

Seven correspondents are leaving CNN as the news channel continues to shake up its programming and personnel to compete with frontrunner Fox News Channel.

Two of the most familiar faces, Bruce Morton and Garrick Utley, decided against remaining with the network, CNN spokeswoman Christa Robinson said yesterday.

The contracts of the other five were not renewed at the end of 2002, Robinson said. They are Brooks Jackson, Allan Dodds Frank, Mark Potter, Bruce Francis and James Hattori.

The departures do not represent cutbacks, Robinson said, noting that CNN is bringing aboard at least four new correspondents including Whitney Casey and Jamie Colby in New York, Mike Brooks in Atlanta and Dana Bash at the White House.

CNN found itself in the uncharacteristic No. 2 spot last year. For 2002, Fox averaged 1.2 million viewers in primetime while CNN averaged 898,000. For the full programming day, Fox averaged 667,000 viewers compared to 536,000 viewers for CNN.

Mr. Moms

Michigan's first man, Dan Mulhern, says it's difficult but important for men to take on the kinds of support roles that wives of high-profile men have filled for years.

"We hear the phrase that behind every great woman is a great man, and I truly hope that is the case," Gov. Jennifer Granholm's husband said Saturday at a First Man's Forum, part of his wife's inaugural celebration.

Mulhern moderated a discussion by a 14-member panel. About 300 people attended the event at the Detroit Science Center.

Mulhern is a Harvard Law School graduate who now works full-time as a political spouse and parent to the couple's three children.

Robert Haisha, husband of Southfield City Council President Nida Samona, said the role reversal is a welcome change.

"My father never changed a diaper," Haisha said. "In my household, I get the kids up and dressed in the morning. And I think I have the best job because I get to be with our kids. I'm very proud to be Mr. Samona."

Goodbye, Jesse

Celebrities and politicians were among the 500 people who attended Gov. Jesse Ventura's farewell bash at a downtown hotel.

Several wore feather boas to honor the former professional wrestler before he leaves public office this week. The Saturday night party was an invitation-only event and reporters, or "media jackals" as Ventura calls them, weren't allowed inside.

Ventura spokesman John Woedele would not divulge the names of any celebrities in attendance but several were seen walking in, including former basketball star Charles Barkley and Young and the Restless actor Eric Braeden.

A number of Ventura administration mainstays, including interim U.S. Sen. Dean Barkley, Independence Party Chairman Jack Uldrich and Steve Bosacker, the governor's chief of staff, also attended.

Other Minnesota notables included pianist Lorie Line and businessman Harvey Mackay as well as Ventura's son, Tyrel.


A suspect's love for Dum-Dum lollipops led Marked Tree, Ark., police right to his front door.

Michael Brown, 33, pleaded innocent Friday in Poinsett County Circuit Court to burglary charge involving a break-in at the Marked Tree Bank.

Brown allegedly broke into the downtown bank after hours on Nov. 16, police said. The bank's security cameras showed the intruder got away with a clock radio, a compact disc player and a handful of Dum-Dums, the hard candy the bank gives to patrons' children.

The next morning, police followed a trail of the candy wrappers down the street, across railroad tracks and to a mobile home park where Brown lives.

"The trail didn't lead right up to his door like the bread crumbs in Hansel and Gretel," detective Mark Robinson said. "But they led to where we knew he was living."

Today's birthdays

Author William Peter Blatty is 75.

Country singer Jack Greene is 73.

Pop musician Paul Revere is 65.

Magazine publisher Jann Wenner is 57.

Singer Kenny Loggins is 55.

Singer Marshall Chapman is 54.

Actress Erin Gray is 53.

Actor Sammo Hung is 51.

Actor David Caruso (CSI: Miami) is 47.

Today show co-host Katie Couric is 46.

Rock musician Kathy Valentine (The Go-Go's) is 44.

Actress Hallie Todd is 41.

Actor Nicolas Cage is 39.

Actor Doug E. Doug is 33.

Actor Kevin Rahm (Judging Amy) is 32.

Country singer John Rich is 29.

Actor Dustin Diamond is 26.

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