2 diners treated for typhoid after visiting Dalesio's

January 04, 2003|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

Maryland and Baltimore health officials are urging anyone who ate recently at Dalesio's restaurant in Little Italy to get medical attention as soon as possible if they exhibit symptoms of typhoid fever, after two diners contracted the life-threatening disease.

Although Baltimore City Health Commissioner Peter L. Beilenson suspects there won't be any more cases, he said anyone who dined at Dalesio's between Nov. 1 and Dec. 20 and has a sustained fever, severe headache, red spots on the chest or back, constipation, loss of appetite or other symptoms should see a doctor.

The two diners, who authorities did not identify, were treated with antibiotics and have recovered from the illness, Beilenson said. One was diagnosed with typhoid fever in mid-November, and the other late last month.

A subsequent investigation revealed that a cook at Dalesio's, at 829 Eastern Ave., was infected with the bacteria that cause the illness and likely transmitted the disease. The cook is being held out of work until medically cleared to return, Beilenson said.

Patrons who ate at Dalesio's after Dec. 20 are not at risk, and Beilenson said he "would personally feel completely comfortable eating there."

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