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January 01, 2003

The letters below are predictions for the New Year from some students in Ann Vogt's fifth-grade class at Pinewood Elementary School in Timonium.

I think we're going to war with Iraq because it might have nuclear bombs that could do mass destruction to the United States or any other country and President Bush wants to stop them.

The Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl because they are $17 million under the salary cap, which means they can pick a lot of players.

Also, I predict that the sniper suspects will get the death penalty because they killed so many innocent people.

Tommy Vielandi

I think we're going to go to war with Iraq because we're going to find that Iraq is hiding weapons of mass destruction.

My second prediction is that we're going to find out where Osama bin Laden's has "bin" hiding.

My last prediction for 2003 is that since the Orioles have new general managers, they're going to improve their record.

Jonathan Lockwood

I predict we won't go to war with Iraq because they don't have any weapons of mass destruction.

George W. Bush will be president again at the next election.

Osama bin Laden will be caught in a hiding place while plotting another attack.

Andrew Walz

I think LeBron James, the high school basketball player who is a senior, should be the first pick of the next year's draft because he has great talent and can play both offense and defense.

I also think this winter will have a lot of snow, because it has already has snowed a great deal.

I also think that the weather next year is going to be unusual, because the weather for the past two years has been unusual.

Eric Lieberman

USAirways will go bankrupt before the spring of 2003, because it is not getting much income and its debts are too high to afford.

Later in the year, another company will go bankrupt, because companies are losing money and paying debts and bills.

My third prediction is that the West Nile virus will spread again in the springtime and summertime, because there is a large population of mosquitoes in the United States.

Kevin Bashor

I predict that the new year will be wonderful.

I predict that the fifth Harry Potter book will sell 18 billion copies in the first week because the series is very exciting and popular.

Also, scientists will discover a cure for every disease because they will find a flower that cures everything.

My last prediction is that the sniper suspects will be proved guilty and sentenced to the death penalty because they killed innocent people.

Claire Stetka

In 2003, I believe scientists will be able to clone people.

I also think we will have a hot summer and in winter we will get 24 inches of snow. I think that because we are having a cold, bad winter this year.

And in 2003, I think they will make a football helmet that can read plays. If scientists make that, every team will have an equal chance to get to the playoffs.

Andy Rothwell

The sniper suspects will be found guilty and get the death penalty.

Vice President Dick Cheney will announce he will run for president in 2004. I think he will run because he likes to be in control.

I also think USAirways won't go out of business.

Gregory Gaddis

I predict that it will snow 2 feet in February and then we will have a very hot summer! I think this because it usually doesn't snow in December and it has been cold, and when that happens we have a very hot summer.

I also think that the sniper case could be solved very quickly by just finding the two guys guilty and placing them on death row.

I also think that we should participate in a war with Iraq because if we don't then that country might come and bomb us. Now is our chance to prevent this.

Rachel Bowling

The United States will have a war with Iraq and win because the U.S. Army is well-trained.

The sniper suspects will get the death penalty because of their actions. Because of this, no one will harm any one again, because they could get the death penalty also.

There will be a cure for every disease because the scientists are smart. No one will die of disease again.

2003 will be a fine year.

Jessica Mok

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