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October 31, 2002|By James Coates | James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

The scroll wheel on my mouse quits working when I am in Windows Explorer. It used to work fine and still works when I am not using the Web browser. I am running Windows 98 on a Pentium 4 from Dell.

There is a Smooth Scrolling option in the Microsoft Internet Explorer software, and I'll wager that yours is set to "off" instead of the default, which is "on."

Here's the drill: Click on Tools in the browser command bar and in the display that comes up click on the Advanced tab. Now use the cursor arrows, because your scroll wheel isn't working, and move down until you see the Smooth Scrolling box. Check it, close the tab and click Apply.

Is there a slide show-type program that works with images which are in "ART" format rather than "jpg"?

Heaven alone knows how much frustration has been visited upon this poor planet because the operators of America Online decided to use their own strange format called .ART for images while the rest of the world understood other formats, notably .jpg, .gif and .bmp.

So, first you need to convert those .ART images into the .bmp format. I say .bmp because that's all the AOL software will do.

Next, you'll need a slide show program.

But first start AOL and choose File and Open. Look for your .ART file and open it. Go back to the File command and pick Save As. You will have the option of saving the .ART as a .bmp file. Do that.

Now, to present a slide show, you need to be running Windows XP, which has slide shows built in, or you need to find special software. I recommend Multimedia Xplorer from Moon Software ( This excellent program offers a wide range of image and movie displays as well as housekeeping chores like renaming a batch of image files. It also performs conversions but, sadly, does not work with .ART files, which is why you need to use AOL to convert them.

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