New, sleek Sony LCD monitor works with TV tuner or PC

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October 31, 2002|By Kevin Washington

If you're starved for desktop space, a liquid-crystal display is a good choice when compared to a bulky CRT monitor.

But if you want one of the sleekest LCD monitors available and plan to hook up a high-definition television tuner, Sony's SDM-V72W Personal Entertainment Display ($1,000) can double as utilitarian monitor and style statement.

The 17.1-inch screen orientation made this PED monitor look cool next to hulking CRTs on nearby desks.

With a set of solid speakers below the screen, Sony's PED offers a number of input optionsm including component, S-Video and RGB connections. A small remote allows you to switch between inputs. If you have an HDTV tuner, you can watch television in the 16:9 aspect ratio. If you don't, then you can watch in the standard 4:3 ratio.

I found the display vibrant enough to play back video from a camcorder and solid enough for video game console fun one Saturday when I was stuck in the office.

LCDs have downsides, though. The biggest, if you're planning to write lots of documents, is the appearance of type. At the optimal resolution - 1,280 by 768 pixels - type appeared a bit jagged and pixelated. And because it is the optimal resolution, it's a bit small for older eyes. If you lower the resolution, however, for bigger type, the screen distorts in wide-screen mode and doesn't look as good in normal mode.

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