Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

October 27, 2002

Thank you, Carroll County

Thank you, Carroll County for the privilege of serving you.

Not many people have the honor of holding an elected office, representing a constituency and having the opportunity to make a difference. And I am proud to have been able to promote the Republican ideals of less government, less regulation and less taxes by making government smaller through attrition and reorganization, reducing regulation in our review of Carroll County's ordinances and cutting fees so homeowners and small businesses were able, and encouraged, to renovate and expand.

In a time when surrounding counties were raising every tax and fee known to man, Carroll County increased its reserves, held a lid on debt and did not raise its tax rate.

With proper priority setting and creative partnerships and problem solving, there is no need for taxes to be raised in the near future. When the economy is in a slump and the government loses revenue, the citizens are also losing revenue and it is counter productive to tax them more.

Under the leadership of the last four years with the diligence and care of county staff and concerned citizens, Carroll is set up for a bright future and has been given the keys to success. The budget is in great condition with an AA+ rating and economic development is about to blossom with Warfield, the Westminster Technology Park, the new Campus Zoning, and other projects already underway.

The key, of course, is that infrastructure such as water, sewer, roads, and high-speed computer lines continue to move forward.

Meanwhile, residential growth will slow as the approved lots of the early 1990s are completely built and the approved lots under this administration have decreased by 70 percent from an average of 2,000 lots per year in 1990-1992 to 600 lots in 1999-2001.

The key element here is that the towns continue to cooperate and follow suit with the County's new ordinance to reduce the number or recorded residential lots per developer per year.

Other key projects that will be completed for use in the near future include the Save Haven homeless shelter, the long-term drug treatment center, the nursing and allied health wing of the Carroll Community College, renovations and expansions at the North and South Carroll Senior Centers, the ball fields and park on the Stoffle property, and park and recreation opportunities on the two new properties purchased in South Carroll, to name a few.

Again, thank you to the hard-working, creative and caring county employees and agencies who made change happen and continue to provide good service that's now quicker, easier and cheaper.

And thank you to the citizens who work every day to make our families stronger and our communities quality communities in which to live and work.

God bless each of you.

Robin B. Frazier


The writer is a county commissioner.

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