Hampstead mayor asks for appeals hearing on decision to auction elementary school

October 27, 2002

Hampstead's mayor is asking Carroll County for an administrative appeals hearing on the commissioners' decision to auction the old Hampstead Elementary School.

The school is a property that the town wanted to develop on its terms.

Commissioners Donald I. Dell and Robin Bartlett Frazier have dismissed Mayor Christopher Nevin's pleas against the auction. In a letter dated yesterday, Nevin said the town would pursue legal action against the county if an appeals hearing isn't granted.

Nevin and the Town Council call the 91-year-old building the centerpiece of their downtown redevelopment efforts and say the auction, scheduled for next month, will unfairly remove its fate from their control.

"It is the town's position that the proposed auction does not comply with Maryland state law and is arbitrary and capricious by established standards of administrative law," the letter states.

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