October 26, 2002

An article in Wednesday's editions of The Sun about the sentencing of convicted murderer Javas Hall erroneously attributed statements made by Bonnie Kenney to the mother of murder victim Tony Rogers. In speaking of her deceased son, Matthew Kenney, Bonnie Kenney said in a written statement: "I have been robbed of a son who loved me dearly. I will not see the boy, a grown man, become a father. The enormity of this is difficult beyond words. Only our faith has helped us these last months. ... We have no anger. Javas Hall, I do not know you, yet I do pray for you daily. You were once somebody's baby, and for that reason alone I pray for you."

An article in the Oct. 18 editions of The Sun misquoted WBAL talk show guest Rob Douglas when he was describing causes of Baltimore's problems. Douglas said: "If Baltimore residents are going to keep electing the same nitwits generation in and generation out, you get what you elect."

The Sun regrets the errors.

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