City children respond to violence they dread


Question of the Month

October 26, 2002

Editor's note: The following responses to the Question of the Month were sent in by students in grades five through seven at St. Veronica's After-School Academy in Baltimore's Cherry Hill neighborhood.

I think that the government should take all weapons without a license.

[Violence] affected me because my father got shot in his knees and could have died. Also, it affected me in a sad way because my uncle got shot up and he died.

I was really sad because my 7-year-old cousin found him dead.

Paul Moulden

I think they should take away guns.

The government should write a contract for world peace.

The government should have police driving everywhere.

I feel that the violence should be stopped because it is tearing the nation apart.

I feel that it is a shame and embarrassing the country.

I feel that the president should do something about violence.

Stacey Thomas

When I heard that people were going around shooting people for no reason, I was so scared. I was scared to walk home by myself.

Mykel Berry

We should stop doing drugs by taking tests to stop drugs.

Also, we should have more police and have better detectives.

Finally, you should get rid of all guns.

The guns are harmful. It doesn't matter what size the guns are.

Imani Harvill

I think that the government should have more police who live close to bad places because if something goes on they could go after them.

When I heard that a sniper was shooting at someone, I thought that he or she was waiting for the kids to come out of the school and I thought he was very wrong.

Andre Simms

I think that to stop the violence this community needs more police, because there are a lot of people that need to be behind bars for the bad things they do. If they do that a lot of things would be safer in this world.

Using video cameras would be helpful also.

Anthony Jackson

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