`File Monkey' lets you dice, resplice files too big to send


October 24, 2002|By James Coates | James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

How can I move a big document between two computers? The zipped file is compressed into about 500 megabytes, which would require almost an entire CD to hold it and I can't burn a CD. Also, my e-mail service will not accept an attachment greater than 5 MB.

I assume you mean that you want to move files from one machine in one building to another elsewhere, the process we used to call "sneaker net" back in the days when huge files were the ones that consumed an entire 1.4 megabyte floppy disk.

Since Internet service providers most often do limit the size of files one can schlep using e-mail, your answer is a freeware utility that enjoys rave reviews. You can download it by pointing your browser to www.downloads .com and using the search term "File Monkey."

This neat little utility includes a split/join function that lets users chop a big file up into bite-size, e-mail-friendly pieces on one machine and then join it back together on another.

I am considering purchasing a digital camera and find that almost all require USB connections to the computer. The USB ports that came on the computer are all in use with other equipment.

Go to a computer store and shell out $20 to $40 for a powered USB hub. You can unplug any one of the devices now filling those connections and plug in the hub. Hubs come mainly with four or eight ports (I quoted the four-port price). Do not make the mistake of buying a low-cost hub that does not come with its own power supply.

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