Important message in a winning design

Student achiever

October 23, 2002

The student: Jeanelle Mak, 15

School: River Hill High

Special achievement: Jeanelle is a winner in the 2002 Mothers Against Drunk Driving poster contest. She also received honorable mention in the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design contest.

What her winning poster looks like: "It's this anorexic girl that's driving a BMW. On the ... upper right-hand corner, there's a bottle. ... The alcohol pours out of the bottle and turns into fire at the bottom. You can see that she's driving toward these headlights. The fire makes it look like a car accident, like it's up in flames." In the rearview mirror, you can see the car crash.

How she got the idea: Jeanelle looked at previous entries for inspiration. "They didn't seem to express the message that `alcohol is a drain on your brain,'" the contest's slogan. She decided to tell the story of the girl's car crash through her artwork. "It's more effective. You just don't glance at it, you have to look through it to see what goes on."

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