Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

October 20, 2002

Take action now to ensure water

I saw on TV that Westminster is constructing a pipeline to a quarry to obtain more water. At least they are doing something. The weather patterns are not about to return to those of past years, so why do we see pictures of empty reservoirs with no work being done on them?

While the water level is so low, they could be digging them out and enlarging the capacity for future use when it does rain again on a consistent basis. They (local and state authorities) could also plan to dam up some more local rivers and create new reservoirs.

How about a desalinization plant on the bay or at the harbor?

A long time in the past some wise forward-looking people built our present reservoirs and water system, and they did it so well they have supplied us for decades.

Now that the population has grown so greatly over the past years, nothing has been done to keep up, while zoning laws were constantly overridden and urban sprawl has created traffic nightmares and ugliness across our beautiful state.

It's time for some action instead of looking at the dire consequences that lie ahead if we do nothing. I have seen nothing about building for the future in your paper, and I have to ask why?

John L. Dorn


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