It won't raise your IQ, but it's fun to watch princes

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October 20, 2002|By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

There he is, tall and lithe, bashfully looking at the camera as he swings a large ax and chops firewood. Next, we're treated to glimpses of him teaching English in Chile and, then, pulling on rubber gloves to scrub a toilet.

These scenes may sound about as exciting as watching your grandmother take a nap. Except, it's no ordinary man we're watching -- it's that hot, hot, hot Prince William.

Young, Sexy & Royal, one hour of dishy froth on cable's Women's Entertainment channel tonight, appears to have been thrown together with the belief that it doesn't matter what princes and princesses do. If they have blue blood coursing through their veins, people will watch.

Not that there isn't any truth to that, of course.

WE's show, which will be broadcast at 8 p.m., offers short looks at Wills, Harry and other freakishly good-looking royals like Sweden's Princess Madeleine and Spain's Prince Felipe. We learn that Madeleine loves shopping! And hanging at Stockholm's Spy Club! And that Wills was once tossed out of a London bar because he was wearing sneakers.

It may be annoying how rich and carefree these youngsters are, and the show's content is so overwhelmingly unimportant you can almost feel yourself getting dumber with each passing royal.

Still, there's no denying the gossipy, US Weekly appeal of Young, Sexy & Royal. Just give in.

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