Partial clue can help in the hunt for lost program


October 17, 2002|By James Coates | James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

I use Windows 98, and I can't find an item after I moved its shortcut to one of my folders. Can that be corrected? In other words, if I have accidentally removed the icon to a folder somewhere, can it be found?

Click on the Start button and look for the Find Files and Folders item. If you can remember even a partial bit of the program's name, Windows will find the lost icon and the program.

You either can use the icon there or drag it to the desktop so you won't lose it again.

My scroll wheel has quit working when I am in Windows Explorer searching the Web. It still does when I am not using the browser.

I hope the bug lies within your Internet browser's settings, or perhaps the issue is your mouse settings.

To change the browser's mouse setting, click on the Tools item and pick Advanced options. Now scroll down the long list of possible settings to the Use smooth-scrolling choice. Do the opposite of whatever is set.

To look for glitches in the mouse settings, click on Start and Settings where the Control Panel icon lives. There should be a panel for scrolling. Again, try changing whatever the current setting is to a different choice.

If both fail, the problem lies in the mouse drivers on your PC.

To restore them, turn off the machine and remove the rodent. When you restart, the computer will miss the mouse. Let the bootup continue, and afterward shut down using the Control + Esc key to call up the Start menu, then use the cursor to move down to the shutdown command. Now plug the mouse back in and reboot. The computer will detect your mouse during start-up and reload the driver software that used to work but no longer does.

James Coates writes for The Chicago Tribune, a Tribune Publishing newspaper. He can be reached via e-mail at

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