Mad Catz cable keeps gamers linked to multiple


October 17, 2002|By Kevin Washington

Mad Catz cable keeps gamers linked to multiple consoles

With major video game console makers dropping their prices this year, quite a few gamers have bought more than one machine.

But every time you want to switch among your Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2 or Nintendo GameCube, you have to turn off your television and console, pull the TV away from the wall, switch the wires, then turn everything back on again.

Mad Catz Universal S-Video/Audio Cable ($10) gives gamers with a penchant for collecting video game consoles a great way to switch among gaming platforms without the hassle.

The durable 6-foot cable with three connectors allows you to hook up to the Xbox, GameCube, all three PlayStations (the original, 2 and the PS One) and the Nintendo 64. I've stacked two consoles (thanks to the Xbox's rounded top, putting something on top isn't advisable) beside my television on my audio component rack and placed a third next to it. At any time, I can have two consoles hooked up - but not a third, because of the length of the cord.

The quality of the connection, by the way, is superb.

Information: 800-831-1442 or

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