Once you get to know them, mummies aren't so scary

Best Bet

October 17, 2002|By Molly Knight

When it comes to frightening figures, mummies are right up there with Halloween staples such as witches, ghosts, goblins and ghouls. But mummies needn't be so scary, not once you learn the facts about them.

A program this Tuesday at the Brooklyn Park Branch Library aims to teach kids all about mummies - and the ancient Egyptian practice of preserving the dead.

Through stories and activities, kids ages 7 and up will learn about the importance of mummies, how they were made and what they can teach people today about the lives of people in the days of pyramids and pharaohs.

"Instead of scaring kids, this will be an educational experience," says librarian Natalie Edington.

After hearing the story Secrets of the Mummies, by Shelley Tanaka, kids will learn how mummies were wrapped and will participate in a mummy-wrapping contest.

The event begins at 4 p.m. The library is at 1 E. 11th Ave. Call 410-222-6260.

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