Profile: Beatrice Howard Gladwell

October 11, 2002

Name: Beatrice Howard Gladwell

Age: 88 (Born July 31, 1914)

Birthplace: Buckeye, W.Va.

Beginning years: Gladwell joined 4-H when she was 10, became a chapter leader of the Buckeye Winners at 16 and won the state 4-H Alumni Award in 1961. At one time, she led three 4-H clubs. She taught elementary school and Sunday school classes for 65 years.

Family: Two daughters, Sharla Sherman and Carla Totten.

Noteworthy: Gladwell was West Virginia Teacher of the Year in 1970. In April 2002, Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman recognized her 72 years as a club leader with a National 4-H Alumni Award.

Quote: "The dearest thing they can say to me is that they knew I cared," Gladwell said of the children she works with. "That's what's lacking today. They don't have people to care for them. Their moms and dads aren't home. They're on their own too much."

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