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October 10, 2002

Blind Industries subject to bidding process, court rules

A nonprofit corporation for the blind has no claim to preferential treatment for state purchases of millions of dollars in office supplies, Maryland's highest court ruled yesterday.

The Court of Appeals said that although the law says that the state should buy goods from Blind Industries and Services of Maryland whenever possible, that does not apply to supplies for which Blind Industries acts only as a distributor or retailer. The court said the law applies to goods and services Blind Industries already provides, not those it proposes to handle.

Extending the requirement beyond that would contradict the competitive bidding process, the court ruled unanimously.

In a 16-page opinion, the court upholds an April 2000 ruling by a Baltimore County Circuit Court judge.

Court of Appeals disbars area attorney

The Court of Appeals yesterday disbarred attorney Glen Marcus Fallin, saying he continued to practice after he was suspended last year, did not return clients' fees once he was suspended and failed to pursue a 1996 case he took.

Fallin, formerly of Ellicott City, Severna Park and Westminster, was reprimanded in 1999 and placed on indefinite suspension last year. He could not be reached yesterday.

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